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UPS Systms: Application, Design And Trends

14 July 2020 | 4:30 PM


Event Objectives

  • Understand the basics of a solar power system
  • Appreciate the different components of a solar power system
  • How to choose a solar power system based on your needs and requirements
  • The requirements of owning or leasing a solar power system

Key Topics:

  • Different Types of UPS system used in oil and gas facility (AC and DC UPS system)
  • Type of Loads fed from each UPS system
  • AC UPS overview – (Types of Arrangements, specification & design requirement, Testing Requirements)
  • Battery and Battery Room Requirements

TimingEvents Schedule
4:00 pmWelcome note
Prof. Abdullah Al Badi
4:10 pmSolar power systems fundamentals ()

Mazin AL-Shidhani , PhD
Renewable Energy Engineer
Petroleum Development Oman
4:40 pmSolar system economics and ownership models ()

Dr. Nabih Cherradi
Partner, Chief Technology Officer
Desert Technologies
5:10 pmPanel discussion
5:30 pmClosing remarks


Eng. Anilkumar K. Ravat

Eng. Anilkumar K. Ravat

Technical Expert

Oman Electricity Transmission Company

Pranav Gothivarekar

Pranav Gothivarekar

Principal/Lead Electrical Engineer


Elena Chernetsovai

Elena Chernetsovai

Global Marketing for Industrial Systems