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HEALTH NEXT isn’t just a forum for learning about the latest update in healthcare worldwide; it’s also a place where you can reflect on how your work impacts the world, and how the world impacts your work.

HEALTH NEXT aims to bring together the healthcare community in a special event of learning that will provide you with the resources and inspiration to make meaningful changes in your healthcare system.

About the Conference

The Conference theme

Our Health Next program theme is “Better Performance, Faster Delivery, Smarter Spending and Safer Healthcare”.

The Health Next 2023 aims to bring together the Quality Improvement community in a special event of learning that will provide you with the resources and inspiration to make meaningful change in your healthcare organization.

Join Quality Specialists and Patient Representatives to learn and reform our healthcare systems and forge new connections.

Who should attend?

Physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals, quality managers, quality improvement professionals, hospital auditors, regulatory professionals, hospital administrators, healthcare service managers, medical insurance professionals, public health professionals, medical students, care givers and patients, are among those who are welcome to attend.

We welcome attendees from all sectors and disciplines of healthcare, as well as patients, family members. We provide information tailored to your needs, whether you are new to the field of quality improvement or an experienced practitioner. If you are passionate about improving healthcare outcomes and patient safety, we’d love for you to join us.

New to Accreditation and Quality?

Whether you’re just getting started with Quality Improvement and Accreditation or want to brush up on the fundamentals, this is an excellent approach to learn about the core technique while also getting a taste of the important disputes in the field.

The conference will begin on Saturday 4th of February with an interactive workshop that will provide you with an overview of all you need to know about accreditation and quality improvement. It will also allow you to connect with others who are just getting started on their own journey.

You’ll get a taste of numerous subjects during the main two conference days (Sunday and Monday), covering everything from data to Patients’ Co-Care and safety.

All of the workshops listed below are appropriate for persons with formal or informal training or experience in quality improvement. These seminars will provide an opportunity to network with both experienced Healthcare Quality and Accreditation. The content is a mix of workshop and lecture-based.

Recommended for experts in Accreditation and Quality

There is a lot of program content for delegates who have worked on or developed quality improvement initiatives in their health organizations and have an awareness of quality improvement methodology.

Our choices are divided into sections based on topic, but you can mix and combine them to suit your specific interests.

Recommended for Quality improvement leaders

Some aspects of the program will be particularly useful to individuals in charge of quality improvement at the organizational, system, or national level. They’ll address major issues including workforce, as well as go deeper into innovative approaches to help scale and propagate change.

Patients Co-Care

All of the workshops we suggest here are centered on patient cooperation, patient leadership, and co-care production. The majority of this stream’s sessions will be provided in collaboration with patients, caregivers, or service users.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, stop by our QPP (Quality Professional Person) stand in the exhibition hall to meet Patient Reps, participate in activities, and learn how you can include patients into your own organization.

Suggested Workshop Topics for Patients’ Co-Care:

  • Creating virtual communities; how to use virtual communication to improve one’s health and well-being
  • Data-driven healthcare – translating patients’ data into patient health and care quality
  • How do we provide safe and person-centered care in conjunction with patients and families?
  • How to start a patient partnership program and maintain significant patient involvement?
  • How to make patient safety better. How co-producing safety can help to reduce drug management errors.
  • Advocating for patient rights