Abdulrahim Al Saifi

Power standards and technology PDO

In previous years, many cable terminations failed due to different reasons and cascading a lot of power outages resulting in oil & gas deferment. The team introduced a new digitized cable termination system where it covers the cable termination across PDO and record each cable termination per area and the cable jointer details . Also, having proper training and assessment is one of the success criteria in improving the cable termination activities as it tackle the cable jointers as well as training course & material evaluation. The new application called ETPM , ETPM is a web-based central repository application in which cable termination data is stored and managed. The aim of this new tool is to register all high voltage cable terminations and cable joints for KPI measurements and analysis. The 30%system resulted in reduction of cable termination failures and improving the provided work quality and therefore reduce the power outages due to cable termination by 30%

15:05 - 15:20

22 May 2023 Session Three

Improvement journey on cable termination application quality & reporting

Power standards and technology
Petroleum Development Oman

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22 May 2023 Day 1

The challenges and effects of wildlife animals on Distribution Networks and the Solutions