Michele Carrelli Palombi

Co- founder and CEO - Nectaware srl

Mr. Carrelli comes from many years of experience in international consultancy in various highly regulated sectors and has been dealing with energy for over 15 years with particular attention to the issue of energy and ecological transition, in which he has been both observer and actor of the evolution and of the deployment of renewables in many different aspects, as a consultant, as a developer and as an entrepreneur in Italy and internationally. For several years he has been co-founder and CEO of Nectaware, a start-up that deals with artificial intelligence applied to the world of the space-economy and Earth observation data, creating highly innovative solutions for the management, monitoring and measurement of generation of photovoltaic both at an urban and national level. Michele has a strong attitude and determination to changes and sees advanced technological solutions as a necessary tool for the possible implementation of the fight against climate change and for the new role in society that individuals can decide to assume.

12:05 - 12:20

22 May 2023 Session Two

CITY CARBON NET’ The Carbon Neutrality for ‘urban contexts

Co- founder and CEO
Nectaware srl

12:05 - 12:20

22 May 2023 Day 1

‘CITY CARBON NET’ The Carbon Neutrality for ‘urban contexts’