Eng. Salim Al Haddabi

Power Systems Expert

Salim Al Haddabi is a highly experienced electrical engineer with over 35 years of working experience. He graduated from Manchester University, UK with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. Throughout his career, Salim has held various key positions at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), including Construction Supervisor for electrical oil and gas projects,, Electrical Design Lead, Power System Operation/Maintenance Lead, and Corporate Electrical Discipline Head.

As the Corporate Electrical Discipline Head, Salim was responsible for the complete day-to-day operation and integrity of the oil and gas power systems. He also played a crucial role in evaluating and deploying new technologies, responsible for the update and introduction of new electrical technical specifications and guidelines, building professional capabilities for young engineers and leading various practical problem-solving initiatives using a lean approach.

Salim has Technical Authority 1 in electrical engineering during his work for PDO, which reflects his extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. His broad range of experience has given him both breadth and depth in a wide range of electrical engineering specialization.

Salim's specialization lies in power system studies and analysis, where he has undertaken a wide range of studies over the years. He has gained significant experience in using Dig SILENT software, and his areas of interest include power system modelling, system stability, concept development, and renewable decarbonization strategies.

11:20 - 13:00

23 May 2023 Session Five

Session Five: Energy Management / Efficiency

Power Systems Expert


23 May 2023 Day 2

Session Five: Energy Management / Efficiency